ECAlogix™ Technology

February 14, 2012

The ECAlogix™ System provides the ability to create a concentrated germicidal solution, to be used in a multitude of onfarm applications, at a fraction of the cost of common disinfectants. 


Pennies Per Gallon

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As featured in Progressive Dairyman
Updated August 7, 2012

A hygiene technology that has been in use for more than 30 years in the water treatment industry, but never applied to agriculture, was introduced to the dairy industry earlier this year at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. Zurex PharmAgra unveiled the ECAlogix System, which makes it possible for dairies to create a large amount of base ...


ZuraLac can be used as a pre and post milking teat treatment and is available in sprayable, foaming, dipping, high emollient, low drip and winter formulations.


ZuraSeal is an innovative, antimicrobial, external teat sealant designed to protect the dairy cow during the most vulnerable periods of the drying out cycle.


VetPrep is a topical, antimicrobial, presurgical skin preparation. It has been shown to be effective and safe in two pilot clinical trials performed per methodology  specified in the FDA Tentative Final Monograph for Effectiveness Testing of a Patient Preoperative Skin  Preparation.


See more of the preclinical and clinical data for our technology on our publications page.

Zurex PharmAgra Products

Introducing the ZuraLac™ family of sanitizing and moisturizing teat treatments that provide a wide spectrum of bacteria protection and are extremely gentle on the skin. We are also developing ZuraSeal™ for protection during the drying out period and VetPrep™, a presurgical skin preparation for agricultural animal and veterinary applications.