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New TechnologyA hygiene technology that has been in use for more than 30 years in the water treatment industry, but never applied to agriculture, was introduced to the dairy industry earlier this year at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. Zurex PharmAgra unveiled the ECAlogix System, which makes it possible for dairies to create a large amount of base disinfectant for pennies per gallon directly on the farm. According to Michael Pawlak, director of agricultural operations for Zurex PharmAgra, large-herd dairymen can produce their own products at

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Zurex PharmAgra, LLC Secures $1M Debt Financing; Launches Revolutionary New Hygiene Technology, The ECAlogix™ System, At The 2012 World Ag Expo


ECAlogix SystemMADISON, Wis., -- Zurex PharmAgra, LLC, recently secured an additional $1M in debt financing led by the Madison Development Corporation Venture Debt Fund (MDC), Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), and current shareholders.  The proceeds will be used as working capital to build inventory and support commercial operations.  The company also launched a revolutionary new hygiene technology platform, the ECAlogix™ System, at the 2012 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.  In the March 1, 2012 issue of Progressive Dairyman, the ECAlogix™ System was recognized as one of the top new technologies showcased at the Expo.     

“The additional working capital will help Zurex PharmAgra effectively launch new technologies and accelerate our growth in 2012,” said Carmine Durham, CEO.  “We are grateful for the support from MDC, WEDC and our current investors of our efforts to build our business here in Wisconsin.” 

The ECAlogix™ System utilizes electro-chemical activation to create large amounts of an extremely efficacious germicidal solution, on-site, at a fraction of the current cost. This base disinfectant solution is blended with a portfolio of proprietary additive formulas to create application-specific products for numerous on-farm applications including animal and premise hygiene and water purification.

“Today’s consumer demands that food be produced at the highest level of quality and safety,” explained Mike Pawlak, Executive Vice President of Agricultural Operations. “The production and processing of safe, nutritional, high quality food products starts right on the farm.  As farms get larger, their need to defend against harmful micro-organisms becomes even more critical. The capability to produce safe and effective hygiene and disinfection products on site, in sufficient quantities at a low cost, is a breakthrough for the farming and food industries.”

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Cool stuff we saw at World Ag Expo [2012]


ZuraLac Blue Teats(PROGRESSIVE DAIRYMAN)--World Ag Expo is a place to showcase new products available to the dairy industry. Here are just a few of the innovative solutions Progressive Dairyman staff discovered while attending the show.

The ECAlogix System: A hygiene solution that has been in use for more than 30 years in the water treatment industry was introduced to agriculture at World Ag Expo. Read the full story on Progressive Dairyman or Download as a PDF

Zurex PharmAgra, LLC Launches New ZuraLac™ Family of Teat Treatments at the 2011 World Dairy Expo — Appoints Dairy Industry Executive To Board of Directors


ZuraLac Blue TeatsMADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--World Ag Expo is a place to showcase new products available to the dairy industry. Here are just a few of the innovative solutions Progressive Dairyman staff discovered while attending the show. Click here to see "Cool stuff we saw at World Ag Expo [2011]" Be sure to scroll down (or click here) to see a video of one of these products, SawStop. The ECAlogix System A hygiene solution that has been in use for more than 30 years in the water treatment industry was introduced to agriculture at World Ag Expo. Read the full story on Business Wire

Zurex Pharma, Inc. Forms New Agricultural Technology Subsidiary and Appoints Dairy Industry Executive


MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zurex Pharma, Inc. (Zurex) has officially formed a new Agricultural Technology company, Zurex PharmAgra, LLC. (PharmAgra) in Madison, Wisconsin. The Zurex technology platform consists of proprietary and novel antimicrobial products designed to prevent healthcare acquired infections. The lead product candidates will focus on surgical site infections and catheter-related blood stream infections in the hospital and outpatient settings. PharmAgra will apply the same technology platform to the agricultural animal and veterinary markets. The initial PharmAgra product is a novel non-iodine based sanitizer targeting dairy mastitis. Read the full story on Business Wire

Governor Walker Certifies Zurex PharmAgra
as Qualified New Business Venture


MADISON-Governor Scott Walker today announced that Zurex PharmAgra, LLC, Madison, Dane County, has received the Qualified New Business Venture certification from the Department of Commerce (Commerce). The company's certification by Commerce makes investors in Zurex PharmAgra eligible for a 25-percent tax credit and capital gains tax deferrals on qualified amounts they invest in the company.

"Spurring more venture capital investment is essential to the state's economic growth," Governor Walker said. "By encouraging investors to make crucial investments, we are turning great ideas into viable, job-creating businesses. Today, new technology firms are starting and expanding all across Wisconsin."

"We are very excited about the formation of Zurex PharmAgra and taking our antimicrobial technology beyond human health into agriculture," said President and CEO Carmine Durham." Our initial focus will be on the prevention of Dairy Mastitis which is a common and costly challenge for dairy professionals."

Zurex PharmAgra is a newly formed subsidiary of Zurex Pharma, a mid-stage specialty pharmaceutical company developing proprietary antimicrobial products designed to prevent healthcare acquired infections. Zurex PharmAgra will apply the same technology platform to the agricultural industry with an initial focus on dairy farm applications. For more information please visit

For additional information about the Qualified New Business Venture and Qualified New Business Venture Capital Gains programs, please visit
Contacts: Barbro McGinn, Department of Commerce, 608-267-9661

WisBusiness: The ShowWisBusiness: The Show


In this edition of "WisBusiness: The Show," the twice-a-month Web show covering state business news and issues, Carmine Durham, president and CEO of Zurex Pharma, talks about their recent fundraising round and how pending legislation could help companies such as theirs obtain more venture capital.

Governor Walker Visits Zurex Pharma

Governor Walker and Zurex Pharma Team

During a recent press conference event and visit to the University Research Park, Governor Walker visited with executives from Zurex Pharma. Carmine Durham, President and CEO of Zurex, showcased the company's line of late-stage antimicrobial products and discussed why recent legislation designed to provide much needed venture capital to Wisconsin companies is so important.

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Peak Ridge Capital Invests in Zurex Pharma, Inc.

Peak Ridge

Peak Ridge Capital announced today that it made investments in Zurex Pharma, Inc. and its subsidiary, Zurex PharmAgra, LLC, Madison, WI-based specialty pharma and agricultural technology companies. This investment is Wisconsin Act 255 certified and marks Peak Ridge Capital's eleventh investment into a Wisconsin-based company. The Series A financing involves a $1M commitment to Zurex.

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Madison medical technology company raises $1 million investment

Journal Sentinal Online

A Madison company with a unique infection-fighting technology has raised $1 million in venture capital. Zurex Pharma Inc. raised the money from the Peak Ridge AgTech Fund, which is managed by Peak Ridge Capital, a Boston-based venture capital fund with offices in Madison. Zurex's technology has "tremendous potential" to prevent infections humans acquire in health care settings as well as dairy mastitis, said Jason Smith, a general partner in the AgTech Fund.

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ZuraLac™ is specifically formulated to sanitize and protect teats from mastitis causing organisms, and protect teat skin tissue from harsh environmental conditions.


ZuraLac can be used as a pre and post milking teat treatment and is available in sprayable, foaming, dipping, high emollient, low drip and winter formulations.


ZuraSeal is an innovative, antimicrobial, external teat sealant designed to protect the dairy cow during the most vulnerable periods of the drying out cycle.


VetPrep is a topical, antimicrobial, presurgical skin preparation. It has been shown to be effective and safe in two pilot clinical trials performed per methodology  specified in the FDA Tentative Final Monograph for Effectiveness Testing of a Patient Preoperative Skin  Preparation.


See more of the preclinical and clinical data for our technology on our publications page.

Zurex PharmAgra Products

Introducing the ZuraLac™ family of sanitizing and moisturizing teat treatments that provide a wide spectrum of bacteria protection and are extremely gentle on the skin. We are also developing ZuraSeal™ for protection during the drying out period and VetPrep™, a presurgical skin preparation for agricultural animal and veterinary applications.